Tuesday, August 2, 2011

798 art district, china:

The 798 art district is a complex of disused factories that have been converted into art galleries, in the Chaoyang area of Beijing. There are also cafes, boutiques and a whole lot of street art and installations to explore. We spent nearly a whole day here, gallery hopping and just taking in the atmosphere.
It's a really interesting area, and we fell in love with many of the old factory buildings, wishing we could convert something similar to live in! There are dozens upon dozens of galleries and we were a little overwhelmed at first, having absolutely no idea where to start. In the end we followed our noses and asked the locals of where they recommended.
If you love galleries or being in creative areas/spaces, be sure to visit 798 art district.


  1. great shots! would love to visit - especially love the streetart - it is somehow so non-chinese!! did not expect to see that on pictures from beijing somehow!! :)

  2. I love the use of red in these photos!

  3. Those red + black shots are absolutely amazing!!! Andy looks to have lost quite a bit of weight too ;-)


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