Wednesday, October 7, 2015

copenhagen, denmark - part two:

Out in the suburbs of Copenhagen are two amazing churches - Bagsvaerd Church and Grundtvig's Church. 

We caught the train out, stopping at Grundtvig's church first. Built in the 1920s and set amongst residential homes, the church has a striking exterior, resembling a church organ. But the real beauty is the inside, with simple yet stunning brickwork creating one of the most striking spaces I have been in. The scale, light and mix of textures made for an incredible space to be in.
We then travelled further out to see Bagsvaered Church, designed by one of Denmark's most famous architects, Jorn Utzon - also famed for designing the Sydney Opera House. In comparison to Grundtvig's church, Bagsvaerd is quite modern, having being built in 1976, however still very minimal. 
The most striking feature was the undulating ceiling, which allowed a beautiful stream of natural light in to illuminate the space. After spending time here, it had me wondering what it would be like to be part of the congregation meeting every week and using the space, and what a beautiful experience that could be. 

Travelling through Europe, there are many cathedrals that can, at times, feel a bit same-y after visiting a few. It was so refreshing to visit these spaces that were unique and really represented the Danish design aesthetic, even though they were built 50 years apart.

outside Grundtvig's Church

inside Grundtvig's Church

inside Bagsvaerd Church

Monday, October 5, 2015

copenhagen, denmark - part one:

After our quick trip to London we were off to our next destination, Copenhagen. This also marked the portion of our trip where the remaining places we were to visit would be completely new to both of us.

Copenhagen is a city both of us have been eager to visit for a long time, and it didn't disappoint. On our arrival we were greeted with beaming warm sunshine, which made for a perfect afternoon of exploring. Staying in Vesterbro, we quickly explored the neighbourhood first, before hitting a few tourist haunts such as the Rundetaarn and the waterside area of Nyhavn for some cold sundowners.

It was the perfect introduction to the city and had us so excited for the remainder of our stay.

next: more from Copenhagen.

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