Monday, August 15, 2011

heavenly lake, china:

Heavenly Lake. So incredibly beautiful! And a bit unexpected, I must admit. It looks like something straight out of Europe!
Heavenly Lake is about two hours north-east of the capital of Xinjiang, Urumqi. (A little random fact about Urumqi - it is the furtherest city in the world from any coastline. Andrew thought this to be kind of cool, considering he was desperately missing the surf. But the novelty soon wore off!)
Set up high among the Tian Chi mountain range, it is home to Kazakh nomads who use the area in summer to graze their herds. There are many yurts, which add to the wonder of the area - some of which you can stay in. We spent most of time exploring around, enjoying the cooler air and stunning scenery. I particularly loved all of the eagles soaring above, so graceful and elegant, it made for a very special sight in such a amazing location.

Next: one of our trip highlights - Kashgar!


Andrew relaxing and taking it all in

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