Sunday, August 7, 2011

xiahe, china:

From Xian, we moved along the Silk Road into Gansu province, where we took a detour and visited the Tibetan town of Xiahe. It is gorgeous! Especially after being in big Chinese cities, it was nice to be in a smaller town and surrounded by nature. We were up at around 3000m high, so it was a bit cooler, and the terrain a bit more mountainous. Xiahe is an important pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists as it is home to the Labrang Monastery (photos coming soon) and the kora (walking around the site whilst spinning prayer wheels). It was pretty amazing to just sit and people watch, surrounded by mountains, eagles circling above, taking in the crisp, fresh air. We also ventured about 30km or so out to the Ganjia grasslands, which was incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately it was raining so the photos don't do it justice at all. But it really was a stunning place. So green.

Next: Labrang Monastery

momo - yak dumplings


we were invited to join this family's picnic, a great experience!

yak meat + noodles

ganjia grasslands


  1. Gemma I love these photos! They are incredible. I loved China. And these photos take me right back there. I suddenly feel like dumplings! lol

  2. Gemma, you are so good. That picnic with a local family sounds incredible. Did they speak any English? And those tents in the mountains look so neat!

    * Julia

  3. wow, amazing pictures as usual!! i would love to visit tibet one day, must be a wonderful place!!

  4. Such rugged beauty! Loving those tents too!

  5. thanks all!

    Julia - the son (guy in red top) could speak english and he ended up taking us to the ganjia grasslands.


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