Saturday, August 6, 2011

terracotta warriors, china:

About an hours drive outside of Xian are the famed Terracotta Warriors. Found in 1974 by a local farmer who was building a well, the warriors were originally created around 200BC to accompany the then Emperor Qin, in his burial chamber as protection in the afterlife. When found, the warriors (plus horses, chariots, musicians etc) were pretty much destroyed and have since been painstakingly restored and put back together. Each figure is completely different and unique which adds to wonder of this sight.
We also visited the museum which had some lovely pieces excavated from the area. In particular, I really loved the ceramic vessels which you can see below. Thought I'd share them with you for something a bit different.

Next: one of our favourite places in China - Xiahe.

wish I could have taken one of these home with us!

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