Sunday, June 30, 2013

mexico city, mexico:

hola mexico city - the view from our window

I'm so excited to be sharing my Mexico snaps! 
Andy and I both LOVED Mexico. What a wonderful country to travel around and explore. We had been meaning to visit for so long now, it was great to finally arrive and experience all it's goodness for ourselves - and we were not disappointed, at all.
Our first port of call was Mexico City. 
Mexico City is massive, like 20 million people massive. We had heard many fabulous tales about the city from various sources and were really looking forward to checking it out. Based in the gorgeous Condesa neighbourhood, we spent five jam-packed days exploring as much of the city as possible. From the historical centre, to colourful neighbourhoods, markets to pre-hispanic ruins, there is so much richness in Mexico City. And the food. Oh the food! We found so many incredible little eateries and bars, especially in Condesa and neighbouring Roma area, adding greatly to our experience of the city.
It wasn't long at all before Mexico City crept it's way towards the top part of our 'favourite cities of the world' list.

Below are snaps from our first couple of days. I'll be posting much from Mexico City, including our visit to Frida Kahlo's house, the pre-hispanic ruins of Teotihuacan and lots of pretty little neighbourhoods.

Next: La Lagunilla flea market.

tacos al pastor

art deco goodness in condesa

diego rivera murals at the ministry of education

murals by diego rivera

centro historico

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

we're home:

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And like that, all good things must come to an end. Sadly, our little holiday is over and we are back home, right smack-bang in the middle of a cold/wet snap here in Sydney.
But it was an incredible trip, and I cannot wait to share all my snaps and tips with you! 
I will start posting first thing next week with lots of lots of colourful goodness from Mexico, and then it's onto the States, with photos from our time in NYC and LA.

Above are a few instagram snaps taken in Mexico. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

leaving on a jet plane:

Tomorrow, both Andy and I are off on a little adventure to Mexico (Mexico City, Oaxaca and the Pacific coast) and New York City! It's a bit of a last minute trip, having only booked it less than two weeks ago - which has made for an exciting past few days researching and planning. 
We'll be off for three weeks, with lots and lots of photos to be posted here on our return. Until then, I'll be taking lots of instagram photos - so if you are not already following me, you can via @lineshapecolour.

And if you have any hot tips, I'd love to hear them!
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