Friday, August 19, 2011

sunday livestock market, china:

So one of the things that has always been on my travel 'to do' list has been to visit the infamous Kashgar Sunday livestock market. Why, I am not exactly sure, but it's just something I've always wanted to see and experience. And it didn't disappoint! The markets occur every Sunday, where Uighur men from Kashgar and its outskirts come to sell, trade and buy livestock.  It was unlike anything I have experienced.
I'll add too, that the animals were all in excellent condition and the treatment was surprisingly good. It was so great having Andrew there, having grown up on a farm, he could explain some of their methods. For example, tying all the sheep really close together was to calm them down and wasn't painful or animal cruelty.
It was a pretty amazing experience, and I'm so stoked we had the opportunity to visit. It really was a dream come true. Enjoy the photos!

Next: A few more photos from Kashgar and our trip down the epic Karakoram highway. THEN on to Kyrgyzstan!

carts would come through with men yelling "boish, boish!" (coming through!)

the cutest kid - making sure his lambs didn't get away.


  1. those cows and sheep are so gorgeous. i'm glad that they were kind to their animals and they were being looked after. beautiful photos, as always :)

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