Sunday, March 26, 2017

galle, sri lanka - part two:

Templeberg Villa

While in Galle, we did not stay within in the Fort but a few minutes outside of the main town, in a beautiful old colonial villa (Templeberg Villa) on an old coconut plantation. With a bub in tow we wanted somewhere we could retreat to during the heat of the day and really relax. Sri Lanka has some seriously stunning accommodation options, which can make for some hard decisions when it come to choosing where to stay. 

The Fort is easy to explore in a short amount of time, however we took our time, making a few different visits at various times of the day over the time we spent in the area. And you cannot beat sunset. Walking around the historical streets at golden hour, and watching the sun set into the Indian Ocean from the Fort walls is pretty magical experience. We also explored Galle town, outside of the Fort, taking in the local fish and produce markets, which I'm always drawn to any city.

While Galle was quite busy in comparison to other areas we had visited (mind you, we were there right in the middle of peak season), and at times a bit touristy, it was still so worth the visit and must do when in Sri Lanka. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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exploring Galle town

Sunday, March 19, 2017

galle, sri lanka - part one:

A traditional stilt fisherman

After relaxing by the beach for a few days we moved on to our next destination, the old trading port and sea fortress of Galle. I think it's be safe to say that Galle is probably the most touristic and popular destination in Sri Lanka, however it is for good reason. An old port town that has been ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, and inhabited by traders from around the globe, it is a melting pot of old colonial charm and diversity.

The old Fort area is separated from Galle town proper, by the old Fort walls, once used as protection back in the day. There are different gates from where you can enter and exit the enclosed Fort area, which has a different vibe to the hustle and bustle of the main town. Inside the Fort you will find a great concentration of gorgeous colonial architecture, many of which are now beautiful hotels and restaurants, jewellers, boutique and souvenir stores; places of worship and the famous Galle lighthouse. It is still a working area too, with the local courts, administration offices and gem merchants having their bases within its confine.

The other great aspect to Galle, which further emphasises its popularity, is its proximity to some of Sri Lanka's most popular and beautiful beaches, creating a great base for both exploring and relaxing. So although, it may be slightly busier than other areas in Sri Lanka, it is definitely worth at least a visit, if not a longer stay, so you can really soak up the atmosphere and explore the nearby coastline.

next: more from Galle.

sunset on a beach near Galle

looking into Galle Fort from the surrounding wall

Galle Lighthouse

lots of gems

looking towards Galle Lighthouse

drinks at the Fort Bazaar

entering/exiting Galle Fort

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