Wednesday, July 27, 2011

panjiayuan antique markets, china:

One of my other passions when travelling (apart from photography) is shopping. In particular antique/flea markets. I consider it a match made in heaven when overseas and am always on the hunt for treasures to take home to remember our various trips by. So when I read about the Panjiayuan antique markets, my eyes lit up and off we went. What fun! The whole thing was rather big with masses of different stores selling everything from jewellery to ceramics, books, posters - you name it, it was there. We had so much fun exploring and trawlling through all the goods for that unique piece we wanted to take home. Turns out there quite a few things that caught our eyes, so we ended up with quite a bit of shopping that day! I will have to do a post when we get back to show you all the items we bought. Highly recommend the markets if you are into shopping and looking for a unique souvenir, especially for your home. It's best to go on the weekend with more stalls and items available. Also you need to bargain really hard here (even more fun)!

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  1. W-O-W!!
    So many treasures!! This is exactly my kind of place! Loving it! Beijing climbs up higher and higher in my travel hit list!
    Great pictures as usual!

  2. Oh my! I love all the ceramics and old letters. I'm so glad you're doing some shopping while traveling, because we didn't. Are you sending boxes home?

    * Julia

  3. These photographs are absolutely beautiful. I would be overwhelmed in this market; there's so much to look at!

  4. Krisitna - Beijing is a truly great city! I can't wait to go back sometime.

    Julia - we've been doing WAY too much shopping! haha. Have been sending boxes home, yes. We're in Uzbekistan now, and I'll be shopping a storm up here too!

    Danielle - thanks so much! It definitely is overwhelming! You could spend days and days int here and still notice new things/stalls. It's huge!


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