Monday, September 24, 2012

surry hills:

I love Surry Hills. Not only is it where Andy and I live, but it really is a beautiful, exciting and creative area. We live in very leafy part of the area, surrounded by gorgeous terraces, excellent cafes, boutiques and all that super fun stuff. But there is another side to Surry Hills, where you can glimpse into it's industrial past. 
Over the weekend, my friend Emma and I ventured out, cameras in hand, wanting to discover more of where we lived. We headed down towards Central station (where it is more industrial and not so residential), zig-zagging our way through all of the back alleys and lane ways exploring and documenting what we saw. 
Below are some of my snaps, where I've tried to capture the colours, textures, patterns and typography.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


siem reap, cambodia
 One of the perks of sorting through your hard drive and backing everything up (again), is getting the chance to sort through and find old photos. Especially those that haven't been seen.  Thought I 'd share a few I came across. 

jerusalem, israel

luang prabang, laos
petra, jordan

beirut, lebanon

dunedin, new zealand

palawan, philippines

lisbon, portugal

bangkok, thailand

london, uk

khiva, uzbekistan 
cairo, egypt

hue, vietnam


little india, singapore

Monday, September 3, 2012

road tripping:

Last weekend was spent road tripping from Sydney to the town of Griffith in New South Wale's south-west. We were bound for the Festa Delle Salsicce - also known as the Festival of the Sausage - a competition and celebration of home made salami (and a personal favourite food of mine). The festival was a lot of fun, with long tables of super friendly locals and massive amounts of delicious food.
Below are some photos from the trip, including loads from the road, the festival and Griffith.

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