Tuesday, August 16, 2011

kashgar old town, china:

Oh Kashgar! Kashgar is one of the reasons we went to China. Yes, we could have flown straight there, and not have bothered with the whole eastern and central part, but we wanted to travel overland and to experience the journey along the silk road, like so many before us hundreds and hundreds of years ago. It was well worth the journey, and one of my favourite cities of the entire trip.
Kashgar is being turned into a modern Chinese city, but it still has pockets of the charming old city (which are quickly disappearing, unfortunately). We spent most of our time there exploring, soaking up the atmosphere and meeting some of the loveliest people. In particular, I really, really loved all of the old men with their beards and hats. Greetings were exchanged ("aslaam aleykum" - peace be with you, which would be returned with "aleykum salaam") and hands placed on hearts in thanks after a transaction or a photo was taken. It was just so wonderful! And again, we couldn't believe we were in China, it didn't feel or look like it all.

Next: more from Kashgar including the famous Sunday livestock market.

one of my favourite photos (not to be macbre!)

kashgar old town

making bread

its out of focus, but i love it

so many cars driving around with guys playing the most atmospheric music - usually to celebrate a wedding

a shop full of treasures


  1. That first photo is incredible! You're right.. this doesn't look like the China I imagine. The people are really dark.

    You are so good at posting regularly! I'm amazed how you can do this while traveling.

    * Julia

  2. thanks so much Julia! we actually arrived home just a dew days ago, can't believe it's all over! back to work today too.

  3. wow gemma! thanks for finding me, because now I can read your amazing blog too! your photos are stunning! so inspiring, what an amazing trip. I will keep posted :) ps do you mind if I post about your photos on my blog? lizzy

  4. thanks so much Lizzy! of course you can post some on your blog - i'd be so honoured! have a fab day x

  5. Did you say you are home ...OH NO my daily fix is no longer...I felt totally transported and feel like I have been with you for weeks and weeks. I just wanted to say you both have taken the most AMAZING photo's and really captured the true moment of being in a place. I felt so lucky lucky lucky to have shared in your journey. Thank you sosososososososo much..

  6. thank you so much for your lovely words Michelle! but it's all good, even though we are home, I am behind with the photos! there is still more from China, plus Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to come! be sure to check back :)


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