Tuesday, July 26, 2011

beijing, china:

Ah, China. I was so happy to be returning! China marked the second half our trip, and the start of our Silk Road journey. Having been to China twice before I was super excited to return, not only to explore much more of this massive country, but because it was Andrew's first visit too. Our first port of call was the capital, Beijing. We spent about five days here to rejuvenate, get supplies (such as sleeping bags and other camping items) and of course, explore. I hadn't spent much time in Beijing before so it was great we could both explore the city with fresh eyes. We LOVED every second of it, and now rate Beijing as one of our favourite cities. It has everything - architecture (new + old), food, shopping, history and atmosphere.
Below are some snaps, the first of many from our Beijing adventures. We stayed in the historic Dongchen area, home to the classic hutong - a series of alleys and courtyard houses that are so much fun to explore. We highly recommend staying in a courtyard house, with there being many fabulous and affordable options available.

Next: shopping at the Panjiayuan Antique markets

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  1. Oh the food! I love how the stores glow at night with no street lights.


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