Sunday, July 24, 2011

where we're at:

Greetings from beautiful Kyrgyzstan! We crossed the border from China via the Torugart Pass, which was a bit of a nightmare (China would not let us leave, we had to wait for over six hours before getting the OK [three hours of that was due to their lunch break!]), but we got there eventually and it has been well worth it. This place is STUNNING! Mountains, green grass, horses, yurts, rivers, nature! It's just beautiful. You don't know where to look - vistas everywhere! Kyrgyzstan is actually 94% mountain terrains so it's pretty epic landscape.
We'll be here for the next week, getting our Uzbekistan visa organised before working our way down to Osh and then over the border to Uzbekistan. We've had to cut out Kazakhstan unfortunately, due to time - only three weeks left of the trip. Crazy how fast it has gone.

I also want to do a big shout out to my sister, Sarah, who while were in China was uploading the blog for us. She did such a great job!
We have proper access to the internet now so we can access the blog and do more posting. Sorry we're a bit behind. China posts will be up soon!

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