Wednesday, July 20, 2011

valley of the kings, egypt:

Our final stop in Luxor was the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut's Temple.
I must admit, I wasn't really expecting much in the Valley of the Kings. From what I had seen it was a big valley with some burial chambers that they used for the Pharaohs. However, I was blown away. The burial chambers are amazing - beautifully painted with hieroglyphs and murals which, in places, were in excellent condition. Again, no photos were allowed, but we did get a sneaky one or two (without the flash, so no damage was done) which you can see below.
After that we made our way to Hatshepsut's Temple, which again, was very impressive. Hatshepsut was a female Pharaoh and one of the most prolific. Her temple is gorgeous, and quite well preserved. We found many beautiful murals and painted areas which were very impressive. As the temple is outdoors we could take heaps of photos - so most of the photos below are from our visit there.

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the valley of the kings

inside a burial chamber

hatshepsuts temple


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