Friday, July 1, 2011

red sea, egypt:

We caught the ferry from Aqaba, Jordan to Nuweiba, Egypt which took about an hour and a half. The Red Sea coast is famed for is amazing diving and snorkelling, so we were very excited about visiting. However, you might have read already in our last post, we both ended up getting an infection on some bites we received - and doctors orders were for no swimming for THREE days! This was incredibly frustrating as it was a bit of a dream to visit the Red Sea and explore underwater. It was also incredibly warm, so the water looked extremely inviting!
The Red Sea coast comprises of a few a towns where you can stay. The most popular being Sharm El Sheik, Dahab and Nuweiba. We opted for Nuweiba as we heard it was extremely quiet and very, very chilled. And that it was. It was heaven.
Due to the Egyptian Revolution, tourist numbers are significantly down. We had our beach camp pretty much to ourselves, bar the exception of another couple. We stayed at Sawa Camp and had such a wonderful time relaxing. We stayed for four days so we were able to get a swim in, which was well worth the wait. Photos below (special shout out to Andrew's underwater photography skills! It's super, super hard!)

Next: Cairo, Egypt

looking out over to Saudi Arabia

our simple but lovely room

how gorgeous are hanging gardens?


  1. dreamy! the shots not you two!....well maybe you summery kids as well.

  2. Wow, the underwater shots are wonderful! Great job! I really need to buy one of those cameras for my next snorkeling trips... or are you using a special case?

  3. Wow, fantastic shots! This is really getting me excited about the Red Sea - we'll be there in less than two weeks!

    I'm with Kristina, what did you use for the underwater shots?

  4. This is so incredible. I would love to visit the Red Sea! Even if only to take a history tour and leave, but you guys got to stay and hang out with nobody else around. That photo of you two on the beach is so lovely.

    Your underwater shots are awesome. We bought a case for our compact camera and all our underwater photos suck and look very blue. What are you using?

    * Julia

  5. WOWOWOWOOW GEMMA AMAZING! AMAZING AMAZING PHOTOS! I had no idea about this beautiful underwater coral life in Egypt! Thankyou for another beautiful post! Stunning photos!

  6. thanks for the lovely comments!

    we are using the canon s95 as our little point and shoo, with the canon housing specifically made for this model, that you can buy separately. we also make sure that it is on the 'underwater' setting when shooting so that colour balance is correct. hope this helps :)


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