Thursday, September 8, 2011

the registan, uzbekistan:

The Registan is probably one of the most amazing sights in all of Central Asia. Built back in the 1400's, it is comprised of three medressas (where one learns and studies the teachings of Islam) and a massive forecourt thought to have been used as a big bazaar. It is so incredibly stunning that I just do not have the word to describe it and the photos below don't do it justice either! The details of the mosaics, with all their colours, is astounding.
Unfortunately, while we were there however, celebrations were being out in place for the anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence - which meant a massive stage had been constructed right smack bang in the middle of the forecourt! It did kind of ruin my hopes of getting a photo of all three medressas and the forecourt together (AND it was only open from 12-3, so no lovely golden hour photos of the inside either) but it was still AMAZING none the less! So I hope you can kind of imagine it in all its grandeur. Behind each massive facade are courtyards, surrounded by small rooms which would have been used for classes. Today they are souvenir shops full of antiques, suzanis, carpets and all sort of wonderous things. I was thinking how great it would be set up a bazaar in the forecourt, just like the old days, even if it was just weekly. It would make for such a beautiful and atmospheric space to be in, especially in the early evening. Maybe one day...

Next: more photos of the stunning architecture in Samarkand

Sher Dor Medressa

inside the Tilla-Kari Medressa

Ulugbek Medressa

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