Tuesday, September 13, 2011

bukhara, uzbekistan:

After exploring Samarkand, we jumped into a shared taxi for the three hour journey to Bukhara. We arrived around midday and it was SCORCHING hot.
The architecture in Bukhara is quite different to that of 'flashy' Samarkand. There are still a few of the the turquoise domes, but not as much of the mosaic tiling we had experienced before. Instead we were surrounded by earthy tones with lots of brick and clay. It was really nice.
Due to the heat we would go out early in the morning, returning back to our hotel for a siesta and then heading back out again in the late afternoon. It's very much a town to just walk around and explore, and it probably has the best shopping in all of Uzbekistan. Evenings would be spent having drinks around the famed Lyabi-Hauz, a pool like area surrounded by mulberry trees.
We loved Bukhara, and thought it was a really lovely town to spend a few days in soaking up the silk road in all its glory.

kalon minaret

couldn't help himself! Andy skating outside the Kalon Mosque

escaping the heat by jumping out of that tree into the pool below



beautiful ikat

antique jewellery


silk road sweets


  1. beautiful images!
    never been in that part of the world, but i hope i'll get there sometime, too.


  2. Lovely pictures! A few weeks ago someone asked me whether Uzbekistan is one of the countries that I want to go or not. I instantly said OF COURSE! These pictures of yours maybe are the calling for me to visit the country.

  3. This pictures are wonderful!! I was born in Uzbekistan but i was only 7 when we moved to the States, therefor I don't remember much:( But my mom did give me a plate to keep to remember my heritage.. looks identical to the plate with the nuts/sweets on it. I need to go back and see my birth country.


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