Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This post is dedicated to all the incredible people we met on our journey - locals and fellow travellers alike. Meeting people has to our favourite element of travelling by far (and the hardest when having to say goodbye).
The warmth, hospitality and generosity we experienced is unforgettable. We lost count of the many, many times we were stopped in the street and welcomed to the country we were in. Everywhere we went, there was someone who went out of their way to make sure we were welcomed and got to our intended destination. No strings attached.  It blew us away EVERY time. I don't think you realise how cynical you can be until you start travelling. It's pretty humbling to say the least.

So a BIG thank you to everyone who welcomed us, talked with us, walked with us, gave to us, smiled with us, shook hands with us, shared a meal with us and who MADE our trip.

It's something that changed us and that we will try our very best to reciprocate here in Australia.

Next: a post on our photography gear plus some photo taking tips


  1. oh these are just stunning! you are a fantastic photographer! so glad to find your blog. i am a humanitarian photographer and videographer right now in south america with my husband. we have traveled and lived a lot of places - this is exciting! hope you'll pop by my blog and say hello. happy to be following you, now!


  2. What gorgeous people - fantastic portraits

    Love your generosity in sharing these beautiful photos

    Cilla Rule


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