Monday, September 19, 2011

more khiva, uzbekistan:

Well this is a bit sad, I've just realised this will be the last post from our time in Uzbekistan before I do the wrap up, and then that's it from the trip. Sad indeed! Not to worry, there'll be some posts on our gear, photography tips, our top 5's plus what we bought, so it's not completely over just yet!

So below are some more photos from our time in Khiva. The whole town is an architectural gem full of medressas, mosques and minarets. So gorgeous. Uzbekistan is famous for its textiles, in particular Silk carpets. I was pretty keen to visit a carpet workshop, and see the whole process first hand. It's such a beautiful tradition that I have come to appreciate a whole lot more since our trip. The workshop we visited was one started by the Englishman, Christopher Aslan Alexander, which is documented in his book A Carpet Ride to Khiva (a must read if you would like to learn more about Uzbekistan, its culture, history, traditions and of course, carpets). In an old medressa, it is completely open so you can watch the local women work away on their masterpieces, with dye pots and large bundles of silk all around. It was a fitting way to finish our time in Khiva and in Uzbekistan, before flying back to Tashkent the following day.

Next: our Uzbekistan wrap up.

suzani embroidery


natural dyes

weaving a silk carpet on a  loom

the workshop

suzanis for sale

i fell in love with every single door, so beautiful!


  1. what a stunning workshop! i could work in there...

  2. i'm so sad that your adventure has come to an end and will miss your retelling of your travels and gorgeous pictures. many of the countries you traveled through, particularly near the end of your trip, i had never considered traveling to....but i think you've changed that....

    however, i look forward to your upcoming posts as i can't wait to see all of the amazing things you must have collected on your adventure as well as your photography tips and top 5 lists!

    so it's not REALLY over yet :D

  3. Oh, so glad I found your blog. I love your pics and I am a big fan of doors too!

  4. thank you, I have loved reading about your trip and seeing the photos, very generous and inspiring.

  5. I love to stay in Yurts with my friend as i have memorable night when we got one group from village and they play exotic music for us now me and my friend again gonna book flights through Uzbekistan airways this time we are planning to book Yurts on the hilly areas as the hilly areas have great night with music.


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