Sunday, September 11, 2011

more samarkand, uzbekistan:

Below are some more photos from Samarkand. We visited the Bibi-Khanym Mosque, which is said to have built by Tamerlane's wife, as a surprise while he was away.  It was at one stage the biggest Mosque in the world and was quite an architectural feat back in it's day (the 1400's). We also explored the Shah-i-Zinda, which was probably hands down our favourite sight in Uzbekistan. The area is a complex of intricate mosaic tiled mausoleums, which surround you as you first enter in a street like fashion. We visited late in the afternoon, so the light just made it a really magical experience. It is such a beautiful space. We didn't want to leave.
Oh and of course, we had to do some shopping! We visited a bazaar that is mainly used by locals in the search of some suzanis (an embroidered textile made in Central Asian countries, usually as part of a brides dowry). After trawling through the bazaar, we finally found some and were literally mobbed by about a dozen women desperate for a sale. Suzanis were shoved in our faces as were cornered with no way of escaping! It was hilarious! And I must admit I was kind of in heaven being surrounded with all these amazing textiles. The women also caught wind of names, so all we could hear were calls of "Anjiii! Anjiii!" and "Giiiimaaa! Giiimaaa! You buy suzani from me!". It was a lot of fun and a very successful shop, with nine suzanis being purchased. There were lots of hugs and kisses all round from the women once we had finished. Business had been quiet and they were so stoked to have had some purchases which made it even more worthwhile.

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bibi-khanym mosque



decisions, decisions...


walking through shah-i-zinda


  1. Wow, amazing!!! Love all of the colours & mosaics.

  2. I recently discovered your blog and I absolutely love it. I love to travel and you have visited places that are off the normal traveling path. Your photographs are beautiful and I love to read your stories! Thanks for the inspiration. Someday I do want to visit Australia :)


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