Thursday, May 26, 2011

where we're at:

Since Monday evening we have been in Beirut, Lebanon. We have fallen in love with the place and have extended our stay from four days to seven. Lebanon is quite a small country, so we are using Beirut as our base.  
One of the reasons we wanted to visit Lebanon in the first place was the food - it is one of our favourites - so we are on a bit of a mission to eat as much amazing Lebanese food as possible! We haven't been disappointed! Will post more in the next few days.

Gemmayzeh area in Beirut


  1. so glad to have found your blog through mr and mrs globetrot! i look forward to going through your archives - turkey is high on my list of places to go so i'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and experiences.

  2. thanks Kay! hope you enjoy the blog! keen to check out yours too - have a fab day.


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