Monday, May 23, 2011

pamukkale, turkey:

What a weird, unique and kind of beautiful place. Pamukkale pretty much looks like someone has made a giant bowl of plaster and poured it over a few hills in the Turkish country side! However, it has been created by flowing water depositing varying minerals, which have built up over time and created this unique landscape.There is actually two parts to Pamukkale - the weird limestone pools plus an ancient Roman town called Hierapolis, which used it as a day spa.
In this post though, I'll share images from Pamukkale and try and get some of Hierapolis images up in the next day or two. I kind of got creative with these images, so I apologise now for those who might like the style. But I really loved all the subtleties of colour and texture, so I grabbed heaps of shots trying to show a different view of Pamukkale. So they might make a bit more sense when you think of that perspective. Enjoy!


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