Tuesday, May 31, 2011

bokja, lebanon:

So this post is little bit different to the others we have been sharing with you. I want to show you our visit to the amazing Bokja store in Beirut.
Some of you may recall that I did a really short and sweet post (it was when I first started the blog, so I was a bit shy!) on Bokja, the design duo from Beirut who, working alongside artisans, re-upolster furniture in vintage Middle Eastern and Central Asian textiles. For me this is a match made in heaven! Mixing beautiful, vibrant textiles and furniture to create a completely unique piece for an interior. So when I found out their store was in Beirut it was even more of a MUST that we go there.
Lucky for us we were staying nearby in Gemmayze with only a ten minute walk up to the lovely Saifi Village - home to some of the coolest shops we have seen on our trip so far.
I want to thank lovely Tracey for letting me take photos in the store and for been so kind and giving us some really awesome recommendations for our stay Beirut.
I'll be saving like crazy once we finish the trip so we can get one one of these beautiful pieces. They look even more stunning in real life. So if you are in Beirut, please do stop by and have look - otherwise make sure you go their website and have a swoon.

Also this was my very first time shooting a store, and I must say it was a little bit challenging! I'm not spatially minded at all - so I hope the photos do it justice.

Enjoy the beautiful work of Bokja and I hope it brings some colour to your day.


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