Sunday, May 29, 2011

beirut, lebanon:

Sorry we haven’t posted anything on Lebanon yet! We’re at the airport right now about to leave…
Below are some photos from our meanderings around Beirut, just so you can get a taste. We want to write a proper post where we can share more about the history and our experience here. That will come soon I promise, I just want to make sure we do it justice. But to be straight to the point, we LOVE Lebanon! And are very sad to be leaving. But we will be back.
We’re off to Jordan right now - the trip is starting to go really quickly - we’re five weeks into it already. Trying not to think about that too much however.
Until then, enjoy the photos!

battle scars all over the city - this was where we were staying

cool mix of French and Arabic

the best hummus we have had EVER - and we've had some hummus in our time!


  1. The mix of Arabic and French is so neat! And the hummus looks amazing. Excited to learn more about this country from you guys.

    * Julia

  2. I've always fascinated by Lebanon since a few years back. The melange of French culture (I'm a big fan of the language) with Arabian tradition, plus the fact that it is the only country in the Arab world which has a significant number of Christians, are some of the main reasons why I want to visit this country so bad.


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