Saturday, May 14, 2011

goreme, turkey:

Thought I'd do a quick post on the town of Goreme - gateway to Cappadocia. This is most people's base for exploring the region. When we first arrived it was wet, cold and grey and I must admit we both weren't overly fussed on the place. However, when we woke up the next day and the sun was shining that all changed. It's a very unique and interesting little town full of fairy chimney's and cave houses. We were fortunate to stay in a cave hotel and it was a very cool experience.

We also bought a carpet! We weren't really planning on buying one until the end of our trip, when we were in Uzbekistan or once we had returned to Istanbul. And those that know me well, know that the one thing I wanted to buy on this trip was an amazing carpet! However, after been in Istanbul and having a brief look there, the idea and process seemed so daunting and overwhelming with the many touts and shops, not to mention the varying types of carpets and our distinct taste! We had no idea where to start! The ones we did see in Istanbul weren't really to our liking either - too commercial looking, and the type we could easily buy back home. Anyway, whilst walking around Goreme yesterday we came by a shop that caught our eye and decided to investigate. And that is where we met Ruth, an amazing lady who is originally from New Zealand and who has lived in Turkey for over 20 years. We spent ages chatting and it was there that we found our beautiful carpet (or maybe it found us!). We worked out that the type of carpets we liked were the tribal style - so that helped cull a heap out. As soon as our carpet was laid on the floor we both looked at each other and that was it (big thing that Andrew loved it too! I usually have to try and convince him, there was no convincing this time!). There was another one in very strong contention, so it was extremely hard to choose between the two, however we are very happy with our decision and can't wait to use it once we are back home. It's a 50 year old Kurdish nomadic carpet and it's so wild. It's bright, and in no way 'perfect' with random bits of colour and two completely different ends. However, it's filled with so much character and is definitely a unique carpet. We love it! I have put a photo at the end of the post for those who are interested.

Next: in the next few days I'll try and post photos from around Cappadocia, plus our side trip to Eastern Turkey with photos from Nemrut, Urfa and Harran.


our awesome bed!

another yummy lunch

view from the terrace

so beautiful - our Kurdish tribal carpet

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