Wednesday, May 8, 2013

frankfurt, germany:

Frankfurt was the last of our European stops before heading home via Shanghai. The only other time I have been to Frankfurt is in the middle of winter, so it was much more pleasant visiting in the Spring, especially down by the river. It was only a super short visit, but it was nice. 
This is the last post from my very quick visit to Europe, and I hope to return, for a holiday rather then work. One day soon, I hope!

Photos from Tasmania coming up next.


  1. We will be in Frankfurt next week! Your pictures make me so excited to go!

  2. My hometown, through your eyes and lense, just beautiful!! I will be back home in September for 2 weeks, can't wait! Even if I am generally not homesick, your pictures made me little sentimental about home!!
    Thanks for sharing, Frankfurt is not something you see often in blogland!
    Kristina x

  3. i'm such a sucker for blossoms! so pretty!

  4. Funny to see my homecountry through the lense of an australian. I think Frankfurt is not the nicest part of germany, but your pictures are lovely.


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