Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the bay of fires, tasmania:

The Bay of Fires. Isn't that just the best name for an area, ever?
Located on the north-east coast of Tasmania, and about two hours drive east of Launceston, the Bay of Fires has to be on the of most spectacular places I have been to. With the combination of crystal clear sea, bright red boulders, snow white sand and not a person in sight, Andy and I both fell utterly in love. The bay comprises of many beaches, some small and some large, but all beautiful in their own way. You pretty much have the place to yourself which makes exploring and discovery all the more exciting. It truly is beautiful, and the photos don't do it justice unfortunately. 

Next: St. Helens


  1. absolutely stunning photos! wow! so want to go now!

  2. Looks beautiful! I'm hoping to do a Tasmania trip later this year, so have a feeling your posts will prove to be very inspiring!

  3. this is my most favourite blog posts of yours ever! beautiful x

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  5. I'm loving your Tassie posts! We just got back from a trip to NZ and had decided our next holiday will be to TAS in November. Looks gorgeous.


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