Monday, May 6, 2013

oh lisbon:

So it's no big secret that I adore Lisbon, Portugal (as seen here and here). I just love the city and this visit was no exception. It was a kind reminder that I really need to plan a proper trip to Portugal with more time to explore the whole country and show Andrew what I keep on raving about. 
Sadly, I didn't get much time to photograph the city like I did last visit, but below are a few snaps of details that caught my eye.

next: Frankfurt, Germany and then it's on to our Tasmanian adventure.


  1. Beautiful shots!! One thing I will definitely do once I live in Europe again, is to visit Lisbon! I have never been, but your pictures make me want to go there so bad!!
    Happy Monday, Kristina x

    1. thanks Kristina! I want to go back so badly - love it there! x

  2. you just made me miss home. beautiful pictures

  3. guess we'll have to check out lisbon one day!

    that silhouetted shot of the family is really sweet.


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