Wednesday, February 4, 2015

jinka, ethiopia:

Jinka is the largest and main administrative town of the Omo valley.  I must admit when we first arrived it was a bit weird being back in an urban and populated area after spending the previous few days in the bush. But we quite liked Jinka, with all its colours and textures and enjoyed walking around at sunset, down from the South Omo Research Centre (which is worth checking out) in the surrounding hills.

We also took the opportunity to explore an Ari village in the highlands that surround Jinka. The Ari people are the most populous of the Omo region and live in quite fertile areas, allowing them grow a wide range of crops like grains, coffee and fruit. Again, it was so different to where we had been previously, with lush greenery and a real tropical vibe. 
I think that's one thing that really stood out to us, not only in the Omo, but the whole of Ethiopia - how quickly the landscape would change and its diversity. It always had us wondering what would be be next.

next: the Mursi tribe.

in the Ari village

making injera, a staple in Ethiopia cuisine

walking down to Jinka

so colourful!




  1. I too have enjoyed seeing the diversity in your photos. And man, I just can't get over this trip. It must've been such an eye-opening experience!

    1. Thanks Janis! There is MUCH more diversity to come - so stayed turned! x


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