Sunday, February 15, 2015

harar, ethiopia - part 1:

After spending just over a week in the south of Ethiopia, we headed back up to Addis Ababa and flew east to Dire Dawa where we then made our way to the historic walled-town of Harar. 
Ever since I had read and heard about Ethiopia, Harar was up there as a place I really wanted to see, so I was particularly looking forward to our visit. And thankfully, it didn't disappoint!

Harar is said to be the fourth holiest city in the Muslim world (after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem), and was founded in its present form in the 15th century. It is an extremely beautiful and character filled city, which is small and best explored by foot. We willingly got lost in the narrow alleys and were met with many colourful facades and friendly faces around every corner. It didn't take long at all for us to fall in love with this gorgeous little town at all, and it honestly felt like we had gone back in time.

It was also so, so different to where had just been in the Omo valley. From the people, religious beliefs, dress to the architecture - it was a real contrast and really highlighted the incredible variety of cultures in Ethiopia.

next: more from Harar.

an old peugeot 404

harar gate

in the market


  1. Wonderful pictures! I'll be in Harar in May and seeing this makes me look forward to it even more than i already was.

    1. You will love it - it's a gorgeous city full of super lovely people!

  2. Ethiopia truly is a diverse country. After your photos of Ethiopian people living in small villages wearing colorful traditional cloths/ornaments, now this, images of one of the country's Muslim communities. I wish everyone could taste the beauty of travel so they would understand that there's no point for fighting. Beautiful, vibrant images, Gemma!

  3. Your pictures are very beautiful ! I love colors! It's really a pleasure to see this country through your eyes. Africa reserves beautiful treasures. Thanks for the travel ;)

  4. Hi Gemma
    Where can I located your breakdown of your trip to Ethiopia? I'm interested in travelling there this year but with limited time - would like to choose where to go as best as possible. At the moment, Harar on the list and Lalibela


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