Monday, February 2, 2015

bumi, ethiopia:

Getting up at the crack of dawn, we packed up camp and made our way through the sorghum crops of the Karo to the banks of the Omo river. We jumped in a beautiful dugout canoe  - hand carved from a tree trunk - and made our way to the other side.

After clambering up the muddy banks we made our way through a very desolate and dry area, which was completely different to the other side of the river. It was quite surprising how the landscape could change so dramatically. After a good walk we eventually made it to a Bumi village and spent the morning exploring the area they inhabited.
The Bumi live in the western part of the Omo and are citizens of both Ethiopia and South Sudan, being able to move freely between the two countries as the area they inhabit (and that we were in) is only a few kilometres from the border.

The Bumi people were a little unsure of us when we first arrived. We soon learnt this was actually due to us being the first tourists to visit this particular village! (I don't think we were the first foreigners as it looked like some medical teams visit the village) It wasn't too long however before we all felt comfortable (for us, we didn't want to intrude and are vary wary of being respectful of the local people) and everything was fine. I actually remember whilst taking the photo of one woman, she had no idea what the camera was and would flinch when the shutter closed. It wasn't until I showed her the screen with her portrait on it that she realised, and the biggest smile came across her face! It was pretty amazing moment and was just one of the many we had there, with whole thing adding immensely to our already extraordinary experience in the Omo. 

next: Jinka

arriving at the village

seriously cute!

check out those earrings!

the men use guns to protect their livestock from being stolen and killed

the omo river


  1. Oh god! These photos are amazing. But the one with the kid sticking his tongue out is my favorite.

  2. What an amazing experience!! And stunning photos, as always.


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