Monday, April 1, 2013

the blue mountains:

the three sisters

Well I trust you had a lovely Easter break! We made the most of our time off work and headed to a friend's property on the other side of the Blue Mountains, a couple of hours west of Sydney. We meandered our way up and over, stopping off to take in the sights (it had been a while since both Andy and I had visited the area) and enjoy the stunning Autumn weather. We stayed in an area called Hartley, surrounded by the unique Australian country-side. We explored, ate, drank, trimmed some vines, met some Alpacas and enjoyed being with friends - the best way to spend a long weekend!

overlooking the blue mountains

taking in the view

govett's leap

govett's leap


near hartley

cabin details





  1. Love the interior shots. Though of course they're all lovely. Miss you guys. Wish you weren't so far away!

  2. Your nature shots are always so unique and beautiful!


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