Wednesday, April 10, 2013

carry on:

Today I leave for a whirlwind work trip to Europe. Thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of my must-haves on the long-haul plane trip to help make it that little bit more pleasant.

1. my Georgie Cummings purse full of important stuff like money and credit cards.
2. a good book. This trip I'll be reading The Great Gatsby as I have never read it before (!).
3. a pen for arrival cards and customs declarations.
4. some inspirational reading, in this case Wayfare magazine.
5. sunglasses.
6. my favourite perfume (Stella McCarteny's Stella) in a cute handbag size for a quick freshen up.
7. probably the most important - my passport. This one is brand new and ready to be filled up.
8. Chanel lipstick, again for a quick freshen up.
9. a quality set of Bowers & Wilkins headphones that block that pesky airplane noise out.
10. my trustie iPhone, 'cause everything is on it.
11. a Chanel compact mirror, so I can apply the above lipstick.
12. another trustie Apple product - the iPad.
13. a camera. For this trip I'll be taking an old analogue film camera. It's been a while, so I will be interested to see how my photos turn out.
14. finally, moisturiser for my hands and skin and some Suvana paw paw lip-balm so I look and feel semi-descent at my final destination.

1 comment:

  1. This is great!
    Love the sunglasses, where did you find them?
    Looking for a new pair myself.
    Have a great trip!


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