Monday, June 27, 2011

where we're at:

Hello from Beijing, China! Arriving here marks the second half of our trip - the Silk Road. Tonight we will be catching train to Xian, home of the famed Terracotta Warriors, where we will continue to head west, on to Kashgar and into Kyrgyzstan. It's going to be so interesting to se how the landscape and cultures change as we travel, so we are very excited about this leg of the trip!
We have been in Beijing for five days now and have been having a blast. Things were off to a weird start however, when firstly, our hard drive in our Macbook died! It's only four months old, sow e weren't too impressed. Fortunately, everything was backed up and Beijing has a couple of Mac stores where we could get it all fixed. Our hard drive definitely picked the right place die - it would have terribly frustrating if it happened while on the Silk Road!
Secondly, and you may be aware of it, but China's media is highly censored and a lot of social websites such as Facebook and Twitter are banned. This also includes Blogger! So I have been having a hard time trying to get the blog to work, and working out ways to get through the 'great firewall of China'. Hence the reason for a lack of posts recently!
We will be trying our very best to get posts back up on a regular basis, so please continue to check back, but if we are quiet it'll be due to not being able to access the blog. We will definitely make up for this once we have proper access, and we are continuing to take lots of photos.
Jordan posts to follow.

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  1. very excited for this next leg of your trip (though still very much enjoying the last leg of your trip through the middle east!) hopefully you'll figure something out and be able to update the blog even semi-regularly, but if you can't no biggie....just that much more goodness to wait for! enjoy your trip :)


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