Thursday, June 2, 2011

tripoli, lebanon:

Tripoli is the second largest city in Lebanon and is about two hours north of Beirut. We took a local bus up here as we heard it was different to Beirut and worth checking out. We had a lot of fun walking around the old souks, getting lost and just soaking up the atmosphere. We didn't see any other foreigners either, so we did feel a little out of place at first. However, we were extremely welcome to the area with many people stopping us in the street, shaking our hands and welcoming us to Lebanon. It was such a genuine and warm welcome too, something we were not expecting. It left a big impression with us and I will share with you some more stories of the warmth we experienced all over the country when I do our Lebanon wrap up.
Tripoli was a really cool experience, and gave us a much more rounded experience to Lebanon, especially as I think many people tend to stay in Beirut. Beirut is a bit more European (in parts anyway) compared to Tripoli, so it was great to be able to experience both.

Next: more Beirut and our lunch at Tawlet.


  1. i absolutely adore your pictures and your insights into the various cities that you are traveling's nice that you're also stopping to see the "smaller" cities and not just the bigger popular ones :) thanks for sharing!


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