Monday, June 13, 2011

where we're at:

We arrived in Cairo last evening after chilling out by the beach in Nuweiba. We are in love with Cairo already! We will be spending a couple of days here before heading down to Aswan and Luxor. After that, we will be flying to China where we will start the second half of our trip - the Silk Road. We are so excited to be here!
i love terraces! can you see the pyramids in the distance on the right hand side? exciting!

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  1. egypt is a country i've been fascinated and in love with since i was a little girl and a few years ago i grabbed my backpack and headed there for 3 weeks solo. i visited cairo, aswan, luxor, and dahab.

    i loved every minute of it.

    i particularly can't wait to read your experiences and thoughts and to see the photographs you take of this fascinating country.


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