Saturday, June 25, 2011

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So from Jerusalem, it was back to Jordan where we would spend a week exploring and experiencing what it had to offer. Our main reasons for visiting Jordan were to see Petra and camp a night in Wadi Rum. On our return, we opted to stay in the city of Madaba rather than the capital Amman, as it had a bit more character. From there we spent the day heading south to Wadi Musa - our base for Petra. On the way however, we made many stop off's including the Dead Sea, a real highlight! Hard to imagine the sea is over 1000ft above you! We then drove down the Kings Highway, through desert and beautiful landscapes which we had not experienced before. Even though the desert is dry and pretty much uninhabitable, it is extremely beautiful and unique.
The photos below are of our journey to Wadi Musa and what we saw along the way.

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