Thursday, March 24, 2011

peter cagnacci:

Today I am posting in honour of my little brother, Peter. Not only is he a crazy talented photographer, but it is also his 21st birthday! So here are some of his fabulous photos. He specialises in fashion photography, and I must say, he is really good! (I'm not being biased, I promise!)
Happy Birthday little bro!  x

all images by Peter Cagnacci


  1. What?!? Two talented photographers in one family? How did he get into fashion photography? Love the two shots of the girl with big white hair. Happy birthday, Peter.

    * Julia

  2. He's a bit of a social buttefly, so he knows a lot of peple, and has been getting a few small gigs here and there. I'm sure he will go far!
    My sister is a good photographer too - I'll try and post some of her photos up next week.


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