Sunday, March 27, 2011


So this next collection of photos I'm about to share with you are very special to me. These images are of Afghanistan and were taken by my grandfather during his time there as an engineer during the 1950s. I can't tell you exactly when and where unfortunately, but they fascinate me so much and have to be one of my most treasured possessions. My grandparents were travellers and lived a very exotic life due to my grandfathers job. They were married in India, lived in Pakistan (where my two uncles were born), Malaysia (where my father was born), Borneo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan to name a few - eventually settling back in Sydney when my father was about 10. So growing up and spending time with them, I was always inspired by their amazing stories, photos and pieces of furniture/art/textiles from these adventures.
This has been a massive influence and might shed some light on where my love of travel started and why Andrew and I are going to specific regions (I'll share more on this a bit later!) on our upcoming trip.
my grandmother at the bazaar
my grandfather (on the left eating)
photos courtesy of Colin and June Cagnacci


  1. Wow, these are incredible. It must be a real treat to have such well-traveled and adventurous grandparents. And it's nice that your family understand your drive to travel (so many families don't get it). You aren't going to Afghanistan on your trip, are you? I just ate at an Afghan restaurant last night for the first time and it was seriously delicious.

    * Julia

  2. Yeah, it definitely is a real treat! I really treasure it all. We're not going to Afghanistan - Uzbekistan will be as close as we get. I would love to go there and will be on a plane once the war is over and the country has stablised - really want to see the Mazar-e Sharif. I am addicted to Afghan bread! That stuff is amazing (and really good for you!).

  3. Seriously, these photos should be in a book, WOW!!!

  4. Wow! so travelling is in your genes! lol

  5. amazing pictures and what an exciting life your grandparents were living! wonderful!


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