Monday, March 21, 2011

new zealand:

Photo time! Ok so the next collection of photos are from New Zealand. I am married to a gorgeous kiwi which in itself has many perks. But one perk in particular that I rather do like is that we get to visit New Zealand on an annual basis. Not bad, huh? If landscape is your thing, then New Zealand is a  must visit. In particular, the South Island. This group of photos is from our recent trip this past Christmas/New Years where we spent time with the in-laws on their property just outside of Dunedin. It's a bit of a novelty for a city girl like me and has to be the best way to wind down after a busy year, and recharge for the next. Without waffling on too much, here are some photos on the farm and around the area. Enjoy.

images by Gemma Cagnacci

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