Tuesday, August 20, 2013

los angeles, usa:

We had less then 24 hours in Los Angeles, but we made the most of it by hiring a car and driving. We stuck to the coast, staying in Venice Beach, before moving our way up to Santa Monica and then Malibu. We didn't make it to the hills, but we were okay with that, as it's always nice to save a bit for next time, right?
We ate our first In-N-Out burger, explored the Venice Beach canals, and swooned over the fun rights breaking at Malibu. It was a very short and sweet taste of LA, but we liked it, are super keen to return and explore a bit more.

next: my USA wrap-up.


santa monica pier

venice beach

venice beach house

inside venice beach house


the venice canals

general store


  1. Your pictures are the best. Everytime you post a new blogpost I get a little excited.

  2. Beautiful shots! Next time you are in town, you must eat at Malibu Seafood. It is a small seafood shack with seats with a view of the beach! It is yummy. Glad you had fun in my hometown! Come back soon!

  3. I esp love the shots of the general store!

  4. Gorgeous shots.
    Every time I go to California I am obsessed with having In-n-Out! If you go again, you should order the fries animal style, it's kind of mind-blowing....!

  5. ohhhh In-N-Out! so so scrumptious! we move to LA in a few months and cannot wait :) And that little beach house looks oh so quaint.


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