Wednesday, August 14, 2013

brooklyn, usa:

We definitely scored it on the weather front while in New York. It had been raining for about two weeks prior to us arriving, however it was sunny, warm and beautiful for our entire stay. After exploring Manhattan we ventured over to Brooklyn and spent a couple of days exploring the area (mainly Williamsburg), and met up with an Aussie friend of ours, Nicki, who has been living in NYC for the past year. After being in Manhattan, Brooklyn was a nice break from the hustle and bustle and giant scale of the city. We walked and explored the area, taking in as much of it as possible - eating, drinking and shopping. Loved it!

next: Brooklyn Flea

brooklyn bridge

nicki makes the best coffee in brooklyn! you can follow her on insatgram @nicrowse

cafe colette

the wythe hotel

the williamsburg bridge


us at the wythe hotel

that skyline


  1. Your photos are lovely. I think you captured the character of Brooklyn perfectly.

  2. Beautiful photos, Brooklyn is one of my favorite cities. What camera did you shoot these with?


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