Sunday, January 20, 2013

the cabin, new zealand:

So I have to admit, I'm just a little bit excited (okay, really excited) to share this with you. 

On the farm there is a little cabin that was once Andrew's bedroom. It is originally from the railways, once serving as shelter/accommodation for those working on and inspecting the tracks. 
Last year, and a few months before we headed over to New Zealand, Andrew and I both discussed the possibility of maybe doing it up, as it was starting deteriorate a little and we do love a good DIY project. Not only would the cabin be given a fresh breath of life, it would also serve as a little outlet for us to do a mini renovation.

It wasn't until about three weeks before we were to leave that we decided that we were really going to do it (the year just flew by, plus we weren't sure if were biting more then we could chew considering we were meant to be on holiday). So it was a bit of mad dash  sourcing and then organising the logistics in order for everything to be ready so we could have it completed quickly, with our final vision realised. And I have to say, I was loving every single second of it! Being on the hunt for furniture and accessories, organising the logistics from another country and seeing it all come together was so thrilling - and half the fun!

The concept was very much Kiwi bach inspired (pronounced 'batch' - and another word for holiday cottage) with hints of Scandinavian style, with the white floors and minimal colour palette. However, we really wanted to incorporate our traveller aesthetic (you can take a tour of our Sydney home here), mixed with references to the farm and Pacific region. 
While we did complete it, and we are both super happy with the end result, I think over time it will look more resolved as we gradually add new layers like art, plants and other pieces we collect with each visit. For now though, we both are stoked with our little cabin in New Zealand.

To conclude, I would like to give a big shout out to Andrew's a parents for having the cabin prepped before we arrived, and also to family members and friends who helped sand, paint, fill gaps or just gave us encouragement along the way. You guys are all amazing - thank you!

Here it is...


inside, after we ripped the carpet out


the exterior, finished
interior progress...
all done! we found the bed on; sourced the old afghan rug and papua new guinean bark tapa on ebay, found the log on the farm, and the old suitcase belongs to Andrew which had been kept on the farm.

 a papua new guinean bark tapa from the 1950s sits above the bed
you can't beat a classic eames rocker!

various items collected and created by myself, including photos.

woven basket from vietnam, air vase from Upon a Fold, beeswax candles by Queen B

geometric volumes made from found sticks

right: wasara paper bowl, a vintage new zealand postcard and an old gardening sieve found in the barn

crystals found in arrowtown (near queenstown) and displayed in a petrie dish, with a scientific beaker behind used as a vase; the old ruler is from china.


  1. Looks fantastic!! great job- now when is the party? :) I love the white floor/walls. What's the story behind art and objects on the shelves?

  2. it's gorgeous - like a dream!!

  3. I love everything. When can I move in? ;) In germany we would say, it´s very cozy. But thats not the correct translation. So just: GEM√úTLICH!

  4. That looks fantastic!! You guys did a unbelievable job, I would move into this cozy cabin in an heartbeat!! Wonderful!

  5. It looks gorgeous and surely in the South Island it must be called a crib!?

  6. Just beautiful - love your painting progress photo - lovely.

  7. This is absolutely stunning. I love your eye for detail, and the artwork is beautiful!

  8. Stunning! I love it :) You might need to start renting it out!

  9. so SO good i'm majorly impressed. so wonderful that this little cabin will be waiting for you each time you visit! :)

  10. Wow, look at the difference you made! When we saw it, you hadn't even finished the painting and now look! Did you end up getting to sleep in it before you left?

  11. Oh my God, that is just so beautiful, good job!

  12. Gemma, you need to get paid to do this for other people's homes!! It looks SO GOOD. I love the white and bits of color in the cultural items. And the best part is the history and that you get to visit and stay here!

  13. Love this! What a great little reno.

  14. I read this with a smile on my face and by the end had said 'wow' lots of times. Beautiful!

  15. This is the most stunning renovation! Can't imagine a better room and country to sleep in. Thanks so much for sharing and love the blog!

  16. Amazing photos!
    I'm interested to know what white balance setting you use on your camera and how you post process?

  17. beautiful - am booking my ticket right now!

  18. The kitten really puts it over the top.

  19. Oh my god - I am in LOVE with this!


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