Thursday, December 1, 2011

o christmas tree:

Well, here it is! Our Christmas tree!
I made  most of the decorations myself (see here + here), using found objects and a few mementos from our travels this year. I'll probably add a few more decorations to the tree in the lead up to Christmas, as it needs a bit more sparkle. So much fun!

'Merry Christmas' garland from Upon a Fold 


  1. lovely, such a great idea! love all the little objects from your travels which you used! and the wall in your last picture: amazing!!

  2. One of my favourite christmas trees I've seen yet this year! You're so talented lately! (And I really love your blog... how did it take us so long to find each other????!)

  3. thank you!
    so glad you are enjoying the blog, Janis!


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