Monday, November 21, 2011

gettin' crafty, part one:

So this is what I got up to for part of the weekend - hanging out with my lovely mum and sister, making ourselves some Christmas decorations. 
This will be my first Christmas home in Australia in about four years, as Andrew and I usually fly to New Zealand to spend the holidays with his family on their farm in Dunedin. 
As we have moved into a new place, Christmas seems to be even more exciting and I can't wait to decorate accordingly.
Growing up, my mum used to make all sorts of wonderful decorations, using lots of found objects like twigs, feathers and shells. She's a pretty talented woman when it comes to craft, and that is something that has definitely rubbed off on Sarah and I, as we both really enjoy getting crafty too.

We cleared off the dining table, got the glue gun out and off we went! We only made a few things this time as a bit of a tester, and will be getting back together to do it again soon.
I gave myself a little brief in that I want to use items that relate to the year, especially my travels with Andrew, and keep it to a red and white colour palette. Once we're all done, I'll be sure to put photos up of our Christmas trees and the like.

Below are a few snaps that capture our time together - I'll post some more as we get closer to Christmas and as we make more decorations.

bits + pieces

I'm a bit in love with my bunch of Kangaroo Paw
one of mum's creations

cannot help himself!

some of Sarah's creations

one of my creations - covering foam balls in red and white stamps from our travels

me again, making some origami balloons


  1. oh these look so lovely. love the natural feel. i so can't wait to have my own place again to properly decorate - especially holiday decorating! look forward to the final pics of your tree. i bet it will be so inspiring.

  2. Oh man, I like the look of these! Can't wait to see more.


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