Saturday, November 26, 2011

gettin' crafty, part two:

So with the weather in Sydney been disgusting all of this week and this morning (rain, rain and more rain), thought I'd continue with the Christmas craftiness as December is fast approaching and it'll be time to put the tree up by the end of the week (how crazy is that!?). So here a few more photos of what you will see on our tree. Will put photos up of the end result next weekend. Exciting!!


  1. So excited to see the end result! You are making me think I should try to make some little decorations myself :)

  2. I think all our tree decor is store bought. I'm with Janis!... thinking about what I should make after seeing your pretty ornaments.

  3. yeah, go for it! so much fun! plus, for me it was a nice way of using things i had collected on the trip, which was a big thing that happened this year for us - so it gives it all a bit more meaning.
    have fun! cant wait to see what you both make xx

  4. Wow. This looks like a gorgeous project! So much fun and very, very creative!


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