Wednesday, October 5, 2011

what we bought, part two:

Here is part two (part one is here) of what we bought, including some pretty gorgeous textiles from Uzbekistan. We probably did most of our shopping in China (the Panjiayuan markets in particular!) and Uzbekistan, but made sure we brought home a memento from every country. We packed super light (might try and do a post on that soon) in order to carry a bit of shopping with us until we did a big post home, and then shopped some more! We bought a lot of other items which included gifts for family and friends, plus some clothes and things, which are not shown here.

I think that's it...

Next: might try and do a post on what we packed, plus some post-processing tips.

PS If you like what you see, and can't quite get to Central Asia at the moment, head over to Table Tonic for some suzani goodness (amongst other fab things!). Plus, there's a rather excellent blog too!

l-r: stamp from jordan; stamp from beijing, china.

old rulers from beijing, china

rocks from istanbul, turkey (i tend to collect rocks and crystals, i think it comes with the name...)

l-r: nubian mask from aswan, egypt; tribal mask from palawan, philippines; nubian mask from aswan, egypt.

ceramic dish from beijing, china
wall hanging from samarkand, uzbekistan

old tin from beijing, china

suzani from samarkand, uzbekistan

suzani detail

suzani from samarkand, uzbekistan

suzani detail

suzani from bukhara, uzbekistan

suzani detail

vintage suzani from samarkand, uzbekistan
suzani detail (i love the birds!)

suzani from samarkand, uzbekistan

suzani detail

vintage prayer mat suzani from bukhara, uzbekistan
suzani detail (the colours and birds are amazing!)

suzani wall hangings from bukhara, uzbekistan


old wall hanging


  1. the suzanis are beautiful! Love the rocks too!

  2. I would love a post on what you packed clothes-wise etc. :)

  3. Wow! What are you planning to do with all the suzani? I love the patterns/colors in the white and the gray suzani. They would make nice children's blankets rather than the traditional pastel ones.

    The upcoming posts sound good. You have such good content on this blog and are SO GOOD about posting regularly!

    * Julia

  4. yowza the first suzani has delicious colours! mine too!

  5. No idea what I'll do with all the suzanis Julia.Will probably rotate them and use one as throw for the bed and maybe one as a wall hanging? Not sure yet, I just love collecting textiles, so couldn't help myself! :)

  6. Really beautiful stuff! We're in Turkey now as part of a year long round the world trip and it's so hard not to go overboard with the souvenirs! Did you find that shipping was really expensive? That's been one of the biggest reasons we haven't shopped more.


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