Tuesday, October 4, 2011

what we bought, part one:

So this is part one of what we bought...
After photography, shopping is my all time favourite activity when travelling. Andrew and I both love finding treasures, particularly for the home (well, mainly me, as he is a bit of a minimalist...).
Once we move into our new place I'll try and put some better photos up of the carpets, so you can see them in context.


Next: part two of what we bought, including lots of amazing textiles from Central Asia.

l-r: ceramic vase from beijing, china; red vase from beijing, china; glazed vase from luxor, egypt
leather notebooks from beijing, china
top: felt necklace bottom: felt slippers both from bishkek, kyrgyzstan

recycled coke + sprite bottle glasses x7 (should be 8,  but one broke)

antique bronze dish from samarkand, uzbekistan

antique wooden boxes from beijing, china

dish from beirut, lebanon

chinese calendar wall hanging from xian, china

l-r: woven vessel from palawan, philippines; woven vessel from luxor, egypt.

top: ancient nabataean oil lamp from jordan bottom l-r: scarab from luxor, egypt; ring, pendant, nabataean coin, roman coin and another roman coin from jordan (yes, they are all the real ancient deal)

retro educational posters from  beijing, china

case + chinese newspaper pencils from singapore (a gift from andrew as you can see)

wind-up robot from beijing, china (and it's cool, battered box)
semi-precious stone necklace from istanbul, turkey

amethyst ring from istanbul, turkey

stone necklaces from petra, jordan

50 year old tribal kurdish carpet from cappdocia, turkey

30 year old  kilim from fethiye, turkey

felt shyrdak from kochkor, kyrgyzstan


  1. oh.

    i am so jealous of all of your purchases! so beautiful and unique - definitely not things you'll see in everyone else's home. i just love the thought of having a home filled with things from around the world that have such a wonderful story and recall special memories.

    did you have a separate piece of luggage for your purchases?

  2. Wow! What gorgeous mementos of your journey! Just out of curiosity, how on earth did you get it all home? Shipping or extra suitcase? I have to admit, that this quandary stops me buying a lot of things when I travel.

  3. we packed super light (my backpack weighed 10kgs when full) and carried our shopping around in another bag when our backpacks were full. once we arrived in beijing, we sent it all home so we could do more shopping in central asia. we had the carpets shipped home from where we bought them, but most carpets can be folded up and put in a carry bag which you can take on a plane (they weigh about 7kgs) which is a great idea if you are near the end of your trip :)

  4. WOW, these are amazingly stunning finds!!! I'm so jealous... one of the hardest thing I've been finding on our trip is not being able to shop. I'd love to fill my house (if I had one!) with such wonderful souvenirs!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Your home is going to be so ethnic and exotic. I can't wait to see all these treasures in place.

  6. I love it all. This is exactly why I'm not allowed to travel. I always come back with the most random stuff. How did you go about picking what you will and will not buy?

  7. Love everything! especially the amethyst ring

    I would love to see your packing post!

  8. wow, loving the sprite and coke glasses and the rugs! Oh to have more space to collect such ornaments....


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