Saturday, April 23, 2011

el nido, philippines:

This will be our last post for about a week, so thought we should share some photos before we go offline, just to tie you through. The below images are from our time spent so far in El Nido, the Philippines. This is our starting point on a very exciting journey ahead. Today we took a boat out to some nearby islands, doing plenty of snorkelling and swimming. Tomorrow, however, Andrew, Sarah, Ben and I will be hopping onto a boat for a week and travelling north to a town called Coron. This leg of the trip is very much about the journey rather then the destination as we will be visiting various island groups and staying in villages along the way. We cannot contain our excitement for this and look forward to sharing all about it. Will be in touch soon!


  1. Wow they still have fish left in the Philippines! They must not be edible hehe. The architecture looks quite spanish too.

  2. I really like your simplistic shots, like the "ice available" window and the Mary & Jesus image.

    Ahh can't wait to hear about your week long journey!

    * Julia


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