Saturday, May 21, 2016

venice, italy - part one:

One of the perks of visiting Rovinj in Croatia, meant that Italy was only a stones throw away - and our best option of getting home in an efficient timeframe. 
We hopped on the ferry and in two speedy hours arrived in Venice where we spent a couple of days before jetting home. 
Although it felt extremely busy and touristycompared to where we had previously been (which was, admittedly, a bit of a shock to the system), it was still very romantic and a great way to conclude our European travels.
The Grand Canal is truely a sight to behold, and we had a lot of fun navigating our way through the backstreets and canals with no intended destination - just wonder of what the next turn would bring!

next: more from Venice.

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  1. I'm finishing up my undergraduate art history major and I just finished an essay on Venice. This is making me want to go so badly! It looks gorgeous and like the perfect place to end an adventure.



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